About us

Located but not restricted to the Caribbean Basin, The Caribbean Geophysical and  Numerical Research Group has for intention to simplify interactions of human being with environment particularly at the Ocean – Atmosphere interface using physical parameters but also  chemical and biological parameters (for the impact studies)

Service offering

Our company offers a personal  accompaniment among other for bibliography and feasibility study, training, monitoring and computer programming in oceanography, meteorology, renewable resource and natural hazard


Individual or for group, at distance or face-to-face including :

  • Data analysis
  • Coastal meteorology
  • Wave propagation
  • Hydrodynamic
  • Programming oriented on scientific computation, data analysis ,data mining:
    • Python
    • Matlab/Octave/Scilab,
    • R-cran
    • Excel/VBA


Feasibility study,  bibliography in the field of oceanography, atmospheric sciences,  port infrastructure, pollution (i.e., brown algae, oil slick, plastic waste)


Development of programs and applications  particularly in :

  • Environmental sciences
  • Human Sciences
  • Finance
  • Data mining
  • Visualisation script in 2 and 3D

Design of Information system dedicated to computation

The choice of components, computation resource , exploitation system, software can be tricky and time consuming … after an inventory of your needs TCGNRG can offer you a turn key solution adapted to your needs and your skills


Performed by an operator or with autonomous device at

  • Coastal area : oceanic wave, hydrodynamic, water quality
  • Weather : temperature, wind profile, thermal comfort
  • Air quality : polluting gas (in and outdoor)

Natural Hazard

Risk assessment (hurricane, hurricane wave, storm surge, landslide, flooding), monitoring in real time, evacuation plan, simulation

Renewable Energy

Resource assessment (solar, wind, oceanic wave, hydro), sizing of converter, resource prediction