Freshwater usage survey in Jamaica

Water shortage is slowly becoming a problem worldwide and more specifically for developing countries such as Jamaica. Climate change and population growth all have adverse effects on the demand for freshwater.

Climate change effects such as increasing surface temperature and change in rainfall patterns cause hotter days and nights as well as less rainfall. Therefore, traditional sources of freshwater such as rivers, lakes and wells are less abundant and more sought after.

Desalination is considered as the main solution to this problem of lack of freshwater, despite the brine generation. The earth contains a large percentage of water which is about 71% and sea water accounts for about 96.5%. Caribbean Islands are in prime position to utilize the desalination process due to their access to the resource of sea water. One main drawback of the process is that is very energy intensive. This is where the use of renewable energy sources comes into place. Tropical islands are suited to use renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and sea wave sources.

The goal of this study is to develop a model of desalination plant that can be implemented in medium sized tropical island such as Jamaica, powered by renewable energy sources thus providing alternative sources of freshwater to a high water risk country.

To do that, one needs information about consumers who are the main factor of water usage and regulator of the freshwater resource. This is why we kindly ask to answer to this short survey to help to build an appropriate inventory of the knowledge, behaviour and relation of Jamaican people with freshwater resource and usage.

Two surveys are available :

This survey is totally anonymous and results of the individual one are gradually available below

Raw analysis of the individual survey

Raw analyse with Age, localisation and time series

Level of concern of Jamaican

This second raw analysis present how Jamaican appraise their concern about Freshwater, Energy Climate change and Water storage

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