Jamaican Green Desalination Project


We believe that research into using renewable energy sources for the production of purified water from saltwater sources as seawater can contribute greatly not only on a local level but globally as there are several places that lack potable water and do not have the ability or funding to develop desalination plants due to high energy demand and costs. In particular in Jamaica, there have been extreme drought seasons in the recent years due to climate change and the accessibility of water by most persons has been strained due to lack of rainfall. As an island, there is great potential for implementing a desalination water plant to face rainfall fluctuation but electricity costs have been a main deterrent.


This project is collaboration between Zachary WILLIAMS and Jean-François DORVILLE through University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) and the TCGNRG. It is the core element of Zachary’s MPhil. Developments conducting in this project are specific for Jamaica but can be extended to other Caribbean island and to the tropical belt.

We try to explore technical and economic considerations for seawater desalination in a tropical island

  • to compare the different desalination processes and how different renewable energy sources can be used to power these processes.
  • to determine which of the options are most suitable for Jamaica technology wise as well as being economically feasible.

The study should contribute in

  • developing alternative energy generating sources in Jamaica
  • finding alternative sources of drinkable water to combat drought conditions in Jamaica and the Caribbean region due to climate change
  • lowering energy costs considerations when developing desalination water plants
  • determining the most economically viable option for the implementation of the desalination process in Jamaica


Methodology used during this project is the usual one in academia field with

  • Consultations with freshwater consumers and producers
  • Calculations of energy requirements to power desalination plants using numerical modelling
  • Assessment of renewable energy sources using data analysis
  • Comparison of different desalination techniques based on local environmental conditions
  • Economic analysis and cost-benefit analysis of setting up desalination plants using renewable energy sources

Last development

To fully understand the relationship between Jamaican and freshwater which is the main point of the water demand and cost. TCGNRG and UWI Mona conduct survey for individual and small business. Information on this survey is available on this web page. If you reside permanently or episodically please help us and answer to this short survey. Approximatively time of answer is 4 minutes.

Results of this consultation will also be available on the Freshwater usage survey in Jamaica.

For any question or complement please contact TCGNRG