World Wetland Day 2021

Wetland area are essential are for the biodiversity and the availability of water for environment. Too often, in the tropical area, these areas are confused with mangle swamp which is composed them. But there are more extensive and got many shades which made them zones too little known and studied

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Soil World Day 2020

A day to remind the major role of the soil in our lives, to eat, drink, breath and housing. The soil in part of the operation of the Biosphere as Water and Air

The last rainfall from September to November in the Caribbean were linked to hurricane, tropical wave and cold front. They have deeply destabilized the soil, triggered landslide and generated flooding.

The soil, our soil is in a dramatic state, bare, polluted by insecticide (Kepone, glyphosate, etc.), submerged by wastewater, suffocated by the concrete, for which life, biological and micro-biological activity are disturbed by modern life.

In that day, we have to hope that we all be aware of the situation and the risks which weighs on our lives now!

Landslide due to extreme rainfall of November 2020, Martinique, FWI
Landslide due to extreme rainfall of November 2020, Martinique, FWI

World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification (June 17th 2018)

June 17th 2018,  World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification.

The world climate and its variations modify water intake in a region using rainfall and influence the water balance using among others the evapotranspiration.  But at the scale of a city, a township or a community the maintenance of ground, rivers, ponds and surface vegetation is crucial to mitigate the effects of future drought periods. Your actions of every days can significantly reduce effects of lack of water.

The TCGNRG can help you in the management of your environment at this scale to mitigate drought effects and the irreversible damage on soil due to the lack of humidity (i.e. desertification).