November 5th 2020, the World Tsunami Awareness day


All people living near a water body (sea, large lake) must be aware that there are potentially exposed to waves caused by earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, but also explosions with anthropic origins.

The size and shape of a tsunami wave depends on the energy that generated it and where it was originated and spread. It can be a few centimetres high to several tens of meters in height and the length between its crest and its trough ranging from several hundred meters to several hundred kilometres.

It is impossible to face a tsunamis wave of several meters, only the escape is possible towards places located at several tens of meters in height.


It is essential on this awareness day to identify possible evacuation zones and the paths to get there.

The speed of propagation of tsunamis is such (several hundred kilometres per hour) that depending on the distance where they are generated, they can take several hours to impact an area and allow time to evacuate (tele-tsunamis), or only a few minutes (local tsunamis).


At the seaside, in the event of a sudden change in the water level (upward or downward) it is essential to evacuate the area, keep informed and take shelter in height.

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