CARISCIENCE 2019 – Guadeloupe

From October 20th to October 22th 2019 University of Antilles at the Fouillole Campus in Guadeloupe hold the annual meeting of the CAS (Caribbean Academia of Science) and of CARISCIENCE.

The conference CARISCIENCE 2019 “CARIBBEAN SCIENCE AND INNOVATION MEETING” was the opportunity to award Dr. S. Haque for important work she done in Astrophysics, research of life in the Universe and popularization of science through action for youth and scientific TV show.

It was also the opportunity for Pr E. Calais of the ENS France (French Higher National School) to reaffirmed the high utility and need of the Geoscience in the Caribbean. By his presentation “Research, Training and Innovation in Earth Science: a Caribbean perspective?” Professor Calais list main applications can be done by the geoscience to the community. One can regret that his presentation was essentially focused on Natural Hazard and did not mention utility for every day and life quality. In any case The Caribbean Geophysical and Numerical Research Group policy and aim was indirectly confirmed by this presentation. He validated again the project defended by TCG•NRG at the scale of the Caribbean region.

The two days of conference was focus on four main themes : Biodiversity; Health; Agronomy; Risk and Chemistry.

The session organized are listed bellow:

  • Biodiversity & Health;
  • Biodiversity-Chemistry;
  • Risk;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biodiversity & Agronomy.

The large diversity of theme present during this conference was the opportunity for the TCGNRG to present part of two studies done in collaboration with students of UWI Mona and the Physics Department at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

A poster on wave energy potential around Jamaica by Alton Daley : “The First Steps Towards The Realization Of Energy From Oceanic Waves In Jamaica”. Alton present in this poster some interesting result of his Mphil study, particularly sea state around Jamaica. The poster is accessible on this link.

The second work is an oral presentation on a first LoRa experimentation for sensor network in Jamaica. This work is part of the Zachary William Mphil and #JamGreenDesal project : Using LoRa P2P NetworkforAutonomous Seawater Quality Monitor for Green Powering Desalination Plant

Initial poster which should presented before change by organizer in oral presentation is available on this link.

The work presented during this conference were of good quality with many interesting subject focused on the Caribbean area one can site the presentation on conch of Dr. Dalila Aldana-Aranda : “Scientific Cooperation in the Caribbean: Queen conch (Mollusca) as indicator of Climatic Change.”