International Education Day (2022)

Education (and access to knowledge) without being a guarantee of social justice is one more chance to live in health, in peace and to avoid exploitation and this at all ages.

It is important for everyone to question the state of our education systems and the future we want in order to improve them.

Education also includes all the knowledge and human know-how developed, including the knowledge from our cultures. Globalization and access to knowledge on an industrial scale via the Internet classify knowledge, making the life of the knowledgeable unsuited to their environments.

On this international day, it is important to question an education at all ages that values and respects all knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills.

TCGNRG’s essence is to make knowledge and understanding tools available to all, in particular for phenomena at the ocean-atmosphere interface. For this, respect for ancestral cultures and knowledge is essential because although the last hundred years have seen a progression in observation and modeling methods, they have only made it possible to directly characterize the last hundred (100) years of what is small compared to the history of mankind (7 million years).

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